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Review by

Rabbi Johnny Solomon



by David Green

(Mosaica Press, 2015)

While there are many self-help books that help readers to make the right life choices, there are few self-discovery books that help readers discover their individual purpose in this world. However, this is exactly what Rabbi David Green has achieved in A Book About You which examines the topic of individuality and soul awareness.


A Book About You is divided into three sections. The first section helps the reader identify the root of their soul’s individual identity and purpose; the second sheds light on the unique characteristics of the soul and how our individual aspirations fit into the bigger picture, and the third addresses the practical issues of how to use your soul awareness to make the right choices in life. 


Despite what may be regarded as ‘heavy content’ and its reference to some mystical ideas, A Book About You is very easy to read, especially as David Green includes anecdotes from his own life to explain key points. Moreover, given that the author is also an accomplished musician who has produced an album titled ‘Journey to the Real You’ on the same topic, he has included some of the lyrics from his album (such as ‘I’m going travelling across the world inside of me’ and ‘You need to discover the inner beauty that you never knew’) in the book, thereby creating a beautiful dynamic between the poetry of the lyrics, and the prose of the book.


A Book About You is an insightful and inspiring work which achieves the perfect balance between lofty ideas and practical insights, and I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of who they are and what makes them unique. 

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