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'"Every human being is unique not only in one's being, but in the mission one has to fulfill. David Green outlines this two-fold uniqueness, which is essential for a person to achieve fulfillment and happiness."

  Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD


Rabbi, psychiatrist and founder of Gateway Rehabilitation Center for addiction treatment. He is the author of more than 60 books



“G-d made every person unique. This book is a powerful tool to help you discover your individual purpose in this world”

                               Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz

Leading expert on the Torah’s wisdom regarding interpersonal relationships, dean of the Jerusalem Kollel and the Center for Jewish Values.



"Defining one's individuality is a major challenge, and yet it is perhaps the most important exercise in self-development. Until you know who you are, you cannot know the path you must walk. This book introduces that exercise and therefore shines a light on that path."

                                Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz

Founder and director of the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, international lecturer and author.

About the book

Take a journey to the real you. First, discover who you are as an idividual with a unique contribution to make in this world. Learn what you need to know to feel confident in your big choices and enjoy a stronger sense of inner peace as you move forward in life.


This book also explores the depths of what makes you human, the anatomy of the soul and its relationship to the body, and how that relates to  principles of meaning and pleasure.  The more we are in touch with the needs of the soul in general, the more we can understand how our individual aspirations fit into the bigger picture of life. Treat yourself to being inspired.



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