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Rich Man - David Green


I had a kind of crazy day stepping outside my door 
the same old scene that I’ve seen a million times before 
But somehow something changed the color of my mind 
Everything I was looking for was right before my eyes 
I was in for a big surprise. 

Little smell of the flowers I thought could do me well 
but a heavenly breeze appeared  
and I found myself falling into a spell 
and a catchy melody  

I feel like such a rich man 
cause everything I’ve got  
is looking good to me 
I feel like such a rich man 
and though it’s sometimes hard to see 
there’s no-one else I’de rather be 

Went to take a peek inside my own backyard 
little garden of eden no more need to travel far 
sitting on the grass  
I’m at the symphony 
all the flowers and trees are playing in harmony 
so I join along with the catchy melody

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