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Let it all Go - David Green


I wanna see you smiling 
see a little light come shining 
through your eyes 

why you wanna make the pain last 
there’s no future living in the past 
you never gonna really change anybody’s mind 

Let it all go 
Let is all go now 
Don’t be afraid to leave it all behind 

Let it all go 
let it all go now 
Let the future free you from your worried mind 

Let it all go 
Let it all go now 
Time to move beyond the lonely child\ 

Let it all go 
Let it all go now 
Above the world that never likes to see you smile. 

I wanna see you laughing 
see the little signs of life that’s on the way 

And I wanna see you free at last 
goodbye to the past 
no more looking back 
time to spread our wings and fly away 


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