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Jerusalem, Eye of the Universe - David Green

Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe 

soul of the world 
in the heart of the land 
together we stand in the 
eye of the universe 

where G-d meets man 
through the joy and the pain 
eye of the universe 

City of peace 
between the body and the soul 
and the heavens and the earth 
between one another 
and please G-d soon with the nations of the world 
so her people pray for the day 

no more need to fight 
and her G-dly light 
will shine even brighter 
revive the life  
oh yerushalayim 

I can’t explain 
but I’ve never felt this way 
Ive gotta kiss the ground cause Im overwhelmed 
Im in love with this ancient city 
theres something in the air 
I never felt anywhere 

tell me why 
Im feeling more alive 
with every step I take 
as I make my way 
to the heart of the holy city 
and i touch the wall of stone 
like it’s a part of my bones 
and with a gentle kiss I know 
I finally found my way home

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