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Candle in the night - David Green


Getting kind of dark outside and it’s hard to find my way 
Cant even find anybody to point me in the right direction 
Is there anybody out there 
with something nice to say  
It’s been such a long while since Iv’e seen a smile 
I think I got a bad connection 

Looking around I know that somethings got to change 
cause there’s so many people living their life in pain 
and I know I shouldn’t be thinking this way 
but everyday I pray it should be okay 
Just can’t watch my life just slipping away 

Light a candle in the night 
It’s a festival of beautiful light 
It’s a time to see the miracles everywhere 
in everyday life 

Looking in the eye of the world outside  
I think I’m gonna find my way 
I got ray of the hidden light shining on my destination 

And Im really gonna try to keep my head up high  
no matter what people say 
Cause I don’t need to buy all the cynical lies 
that try to hide my determination  

I’m not trying to deny all the troubles 
that people are going through 
But we’ll never survive 
with this negative attitude. 

So no matter how dark the world may seem 
I believe we can brighten up the scenery 
Gonna start with a little spark of reality

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