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ראש פינה
צריף ישן בפתח תקווה
עציצים בחלון
עמוקה (יער ביריה)
עגלת חציר
סימטא בצפת
נוף יואב
מאה שערים
מאה שערים (תוספת בנייה)
מאה שערים (שטריימל)
דיפטיך (מתחנן)
בית מאיר
אינטריור כחול


Renowned artist, Yaacov Kimhi, invites you to a spectacular prints sale, of Israel's landscapes and Judaica, in amazing (and low) prices!
Come with your family and choose your beautiful paintings. Sample costs: purchase a 50X60cm painting, including a frame, for 250 NIS, and receive a second painting for half its price! 

And that's not all – each family that will visit the exhibition will be entitled to participate in a raffle with a chance to win a free painting of the artist! 

The sale will take place on Monday march 28th, between 20:00-22:00,
Green family,  4 Nahal Alecsander Street, apt. 1, RBS A,

Inventory is limited and is on a first come first served basis!

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